What is the IDI? What is its mission?

IDI is a non-governmental organization engaged in human rights advocacy and education since 2013. IDI's goal is to promote the growth of an informed and proactive society by providing solutions for social problems, citizen protection, and youth skill enhancement.


What areas does IDI focus on?

The Institute for Democratic Initiatives (IDI) aims to contribute to society through its activities in election monitoring, legal assistance, public debate, educational programs and research.


What programs and non-commercial services does IDI offer?

The Institute of Democratic Initiatives carries out a number of non-commercial activities to contribute to the increase of social and political awareness of the population, to attract enterprising young people to the civil society and to increase their abilities and skills.

IDI is also engaged in providing legal protection to the population. Also, it continuously conducts monitoring and research work on socially important topics.

There are a number of educational programs implemented by IDI, such as journalism, jurisprudence, legal advocacy, economics, project management, etc. covers topics.


Is IDI open to cooperation with other organizations?

The Institute of Democratic Initiatives is open to cooperation with organizations that are compatible with its values and position. Currently, there are cooperative relations with “Fakt Yoxla” and “Toplum TV”.


What are the core values of IDI?


Protection and promotion of fundamental rights and freedoms, including the rights of gender and vulnerable groups, rejecting all forms of discrimination, applying an equal approach to everyone, and maintaining the principle of fairness in management and social problems are the main values of IDI.


On the basis of pluralism and participation, IDI promotes the activity of the country’s population, especially the youth, in social and political processes, and supports the establishment of an enterprising and inclusive society. For us, participation is a contribution to democratic processes by supporting initiatives in the direction of solving social problems, training leaders who carry the organization’s mission.


IDI means tolerance, respect for all ideological views that do not call for violence, hatred and any kind of discrimination, freedom of expression, encouragement of constructive criticism. Our members contribute to the development of the organization and building a tolerant and free society with their initiatives, ideas, complaints and suggestions. IDI aims to create an environment where employees and beneficiaries do not face discrimination based on different opinions and lifestyles, where everyone listens to each other's opinions and feels a sense of belonging.


IDI is based on consistency, stability, discipline and collegiality in decision-making, implementation and control activities. As a transparent and accountable institution, IDI regularly informs the public, beneficiaries and members about its activities and their results.


How does IDI benefit society?

The usefulness of the Institute of Democratic Initiatives (IDI) to society includes the following directions:

youth benefit from alternative and non-formal education programs;

ensuring the rights and freedoms of vulnerable groups in solving problematic issues;

training and support of civil society subjects;

formation of a public control function to increase transparency and accountability;

organizing a discussion environment for people from different social strata to express themselves;

supporting peace and conflict transformation through partnership and communication


What are the benefits of partnering with IDI?

The Institute for Democratic Initiatives (IDI) has a professional team and a dedicated audience. It offers trainings, legal assistance, public debates, research works and other non-commercial services in the defined fields (law, economy, journalism, etc.) within the framework of partnership with “İDI”. IDI ensures objectivity, accountability, transparency, inclusiveness, and gender balance in all activities carried out in accordance with its values.


How is inclusion ensured within the organization?

The Institute for Democratic Initiatives encourages and values diverse perspectives in an inclusive environment. Inclusivity is one of the key factors in building our work and programs. The internal environment of the organization is formed taking into account gender mainstreaming.


How is discrimination prevented within the organization?

The needs of different vulnerable groups have been evaluated in the establishment of the working environment within the organization, and we are working to create an equal and accessible environment for everyone. We evaluate discrimination against a person within the ethical code of the organization.


How can I participate in IDI educational programs and other activities?

At certain times, IDI posts on social networks for enrollment in educational programs. First of all, you need to register for the program you want to participate in. We invite candidates who successfully pass the registration stage to the interview stage. The results of the interview and registration stage are evaluated based on the criteria derived from the goals of the program, and the selection of participants is made.


Are there any social media channels I can follow IDI?

You can follow IDI on facebook and instagram social networks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DTI.IDI

Instagram: https://instagram.com/idi.azerbaijan


How can I contact the IDI team? Who can I contact for media inquiries or press releases?

You can contact the IDI team via email or social network.

- email: info@idi-aze.org

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DTI.IDI

-Instagram: https://instagram.com/idi.azerbaijan


How does IDI protect personal data? Do you share contact information with third parties?

Protecting the privacy of personal data is a top priority for IDI. We strictly follow all applicable laws and regulations to ensure the security and privacy of our employees’ and beneficiaries’ data and do not share data subject contact information with third parties.


How can I be notified of upcoming opportunities?

The Institute of Democratic Initiatives (IDI) shares the announcements of the projects it implements on its official website and social media accounts. Follow us to be aware of the opportunities created in time!


Is there a registration fee for events or workshops?

The projects implemented by the Institute of Democratic Initiatives are carried out on a free basis.