The main purpose of the organization is to develop institutions that play an important role in building a democratic society, improve the situation of civil society and electoral institutions, improve local self-government, contribute to socio-economic and humanitarian development, human rights and freedom of expression, restore transparency in all areas, increase the participation of youth and women in decision-making and problem solving in the public sector, maintain peace and harmony through the peaceful settlement of conflicts, as well as contribute to the integration of society into the democratic world. 

IDI operates in the following areas: 

1.    To contribute to the formation of democratic institutions; 

2.    To support the development of civil society and promote civic participation; 

3.    To help ensure transparent governance; 

4.    To contribute to the protection of the rule of law and the formation of legislation on a democratic basis, within legitimate purpose; 

5.    To give impetus to the liberal reforms; 

6.    To endeavor for human rights and freedoms; 

7.    To promote freedom of press, and the freedom of expression in general; 

8.    To promote the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections 

9.    to work regularly with voters and candidates and organize mutual meetings and events between them, to investigate the activities of elected bodies and give recommendations to them; 

10.    To support the civic and political participation of women and youth (less represented groups) in governance: 

11.    To promote humanism, humanist values ​​and peace in society; 

12.   To support the peaceful settlement of conflicts.